Amorphophallus Titanum


Amorphophallus Titanum comes originally from West-Sumatra and is a true giant. The Biggest of them all to be more precise. Grown from the seed of our own mature Titanum we are one of the few to offer this plants in Europe. Because it has been grown from seed this plant probably wont go dormant this winter because it will use all available time to create a big enough tuber. This means you will probably enjoy the leaf longer then usual. After this first year this plant will go dormant in winter just like most other Amorphophalluses.

Please be aware this plant will become an absolute giant when cared well for. Please give it the space and care it needs.


🌱Grown by ourselves in our own Dutch nursery!🌱


Every plant is unique, the plant you receive can look a little different than the plant on the photo!


Pot size:




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