Amorphophallus Ongsakulii


After years of multiplying the Amorphophallus Ongsakulii from tuber we are happy to sell you the first plants. This Amorphophallus is the smallest of them all and surprisingly easy to grow indoors. In the pot we have put 3 tiny tubers that will grow in size over the summer. After summer when the leaves go down let the soil dry out and remove the tubers. Over winter store the tubers in a dark and cold (between 12 and 18 degrees celcius) place. After winter in +-  March the tuber want to start grow again and might show a growth point in the bag or box you stored it in. Plant the tubers and water the soil slightly When the soil has dried out, water again. Happy growing the tiniest penis plant in the world 😀


🌱Grown by ourselves in our own Dutch nursery!🌱


Every plant is unique, the plant you receive can look a little different than the plant on the photo!

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