Anthurium Crystallinum Hybrid “Frutti Pink Edge”


We are happy to release yet an other new Crystallinum Hybrid created by us called “Frutti Pink Edge”. This name has been chosen because of the red/orange fruit color of the new leaf and the pink edge on the leaf. When purchasing this plant we will pick the biggest and most beautiful one to ship to you. The pictures show a small selection of plants that resemble the batch the best.

Our Anthurium Crystallinum Hybrids explained:

With around 40 different forms of Anthurium Crystallinum in our possession we are constantly making new crosses. From super dark Crystallinums to bright green Crystallinums. With this big collection of Crystallinum we try to make the most unique combination. This results in even more different forms of Anthurium Crystallinum. When the cross is special enough we give it a name and sell it under its new Hybrid name.


🌱Grown by ourselves in our own Dutch nursery!🌱


Every plant is unique, the plant you receive can look a little different than the plant on the photo!

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